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Life Science

  • Life-Changing
    Life Science

    •  Hands-on experience makes living science
        truly memorable
    •  Quality living organisms and preserved
    •  All kinds of lab and classroom resources
    •  Amazing kit selection saves you time

  • Research Quality Products
    at Classroom Friendly Prices

    Carolina Branded Equipment is feature packed,
    user friendly, and budget sensitive. Our equipment
    is the perfect solution for your classroom.
    Shop with confidence and save!

  • Advancing
    Advanced Placement

    •  Industry leader in developing inquiry-based labs
    •  Meets curriculum standards
    •  AP kits promote confidence, content mastery and
        success in AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and
        AP Environmental Science

  • Encouraging "A-Ha"

    With NEW Exclusive Kits by Hudson Alpha™

    •  Hands-on activities designed for educators
        by educators
    •  Address common misconceptions in genetics
        and biotechnology
    •  Integrate Common Core principles and inquiry into
        your classroom

  • The Hard-to-Grasp
    Now Within Reach

    •  Inquiry-based hands-on kits
    •  Great for helping students understand
        abstract science concepts
    •  Essential science topics across 3
        disciplines: Biology, Chemistry and
        Environmental Science