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  • Grow Better Plants with
    Better Resources

    •  Start with the highest quality classroom plants
    •  Huge selection for study of photosynthesis,
        chromatography, transpiration and more
    •  Carolina greenhouse can supply scientific plants
        in large quantities—bulk service and pricing available
    •  To get a quote call us at 800-334-5551

  • Students Really Dig
    Schoolyard Gardens

    •  Teach sustainability from the ground up
    •  We supply seeds, growing systems and supplies
    •  No garden space at school? Use our
        EarthBox® Ready-to-Grow Kit

  • Underwater Wonder

    •  Quality source for Elodea
    •  Great for teaching cellular respiration,
        photosynthesis and plant leaf morphology
    •  Not for aquarium use
    •  Substitute plant for states that cannot
        receive Elodea