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Pacing Guides for 3-Dimensional Teaching

Creating effective labs that meet NGSS criteria is no easy task. That’s why we designed pacing guides using Carolina Kits 3D™ investigations that will help you address phenomena with your students in a manageable, week-by-week format.

The labs engage students in scientific and engineering practices while applying core ideas and crosscutting concepts—experiences that are key to thriving with the NGSS and phenomena-based learning.

We hope these guides help you as you integrate 3-dimensional teaching into your classroom.

life science pacing guide

Life Science Pacing Guide

This guide is divided into 4 broad topic areas: molecules to organisms, ecosystems and interactions, heredity, and evolution.


chemistry pacing guide

Chemistry Pacing Guide

This guide is divided into 3 broad topic areas: structure and properties of matter, chemical and nuclear reactions, and energy in chemical processes.


physics pacing guide

Physics Pacing Guide

This guide is divided into 4 broad topic areas: forces and motion, types of interactions, energy, and waves and electromagnetic radiation.



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